Our Arcade game floor is jam packed with fun.

Tickets can be won from a wide variety of redemption games for all ages and skill levels.

Our game floor also features the latest in video, and driving games as well as classics such as air hockey with everything in-between.



Our game floor is equipped with cafe tables and chairs if you need a break from the action.  Free Wi-Fi is also available.


























Use your Arcade Fun Card to play games and save tickets to redeem for prizes.



All of our arcade & video games are powered by The Big E Fun Card.  You decide how much money you want to put on it.
Fun Cards can be purchased from our kiosks, or from any cashier.



Tickets won from games will automatically be saved on your Fun Card.  Cash in for some cool prizes at the Redemption Center, or save up for bigger prizes such as 4-wheelers, scooters, drum sets, or even a Harley Davidson motorcycle!