Challenge yourself while having fun along the way!

The Big E Ropes Course is a safe and exhilarating experience for all ages. 

Gain mental strength and confidence maneuvering across 2 levels of rope bridges, zig-zag beams, cargo nets & vertical rope ladders. 

Feel the thrill as you soar down our two 70’ zip lines hands free!


  Challenge people in your group or focus on your own adventure.  Whatever the case may be, YOU are in control of the experience and decide whatever path and adventure you want to make.  A little nervous to try the rope bridge?  Choose a path with rope handles.  No matter what path you decide to take, it’s YOU driven!



Look down if you dare....It’s fun to see how your friends or family react to you being in the air!



Our trained operators not only work hard to ensure you are having a great time, they provide constant supervision with everyone’s safety in mind.






A great attraction to let the kids release some energy and experience something new on their own or with the entire family.



The Ropes Challenge Course is perfect for corporate team building events, youth groups, and birthday parties.